Chatham Sheriff deputy arrested for sexual contact with inmate

April 6, 2017 Savannah Morning News

“A Chatham County Sheriff’s Deputy was arrested Thursday for reportedly having sexual conduct with an inmate, according to spokesman Pete Nichols.

Deputy Jermaine Minor, an employee for less than one year, was terminated, arrested and charged with four counts of violation of Georgia law by committing the offense of Sexual Assault by a person With Supervisory or Disciplinary Authority, w one count of Violation of his Oath of Office and one count of Making False Statements and Writings, after information was presented to the departments internal affairs office.

The case and all of the information and evidence we discovered will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office, Nichols said.”


9 Cops Tie Mentally Ill Man to Chair & Torture him to Death

May 9 2015

“Nine Georgia deputies have been fired following the death of a 22-year-old in an isolation cell in January.

Mathew Ajibade was handcuffed to a restraint chair on New Year’s Day after he allegedly hit his girlfriend and broke a deputy’s nose while in the midst of a bipolar episode. His family alleges police used a Taser on Ajibade while he was restrained in the chair, and then left him there unattended.”

Mathew Ajibade.

Instead of taking Ajibade to the hospital for mental health treatment, they arrested him and booked him in jail. What role, exactly, the deputies played in Ajibade’s death has not been made public; both the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Affairs Division of the Sheriff’s Office are doing separate reviews.”

Elizabeth Chuck and Tom Winter, May 9, 2015, “Mathew Ajibade: Nine Georgia Deputies Fired After 22-Year-Old’s Death”, NBC News,