Police officer arrested in case involving sheriff’s son

April 28, 2017 1:52 PM in News, Source: WBRZ, By: WBRZ staff

BAKER – The WBRZ Investigative Unit has learned the son of East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux was arrested after being issued a misdemeanor citation for illegal discharge of a firearm following a shooting incident outside the Baker Walmart April 14.

Benjamin Gautreaux, another adult and a minor were cited.

Sources tell WBRZ a Baker Police sergeant was arrested for malfeasance in office and obstruction of justice for allegedly trying to cover up details of the shooting.

Baton Rouge Judge Mike Erwin signed an arrest warrant for Sergeant Adam Procell’s arrest. According to the warrant, Procell and another officer responded to a shots fired call at a Walmart in Baker located in the 14000 block of Plank Road on April 14. They arrived on scene to discover a window had been shot out.

Sources say Gautreaux was allegedly shooting a gun in his backyard during target practice, unaware bullets were flying toward the Walmart.

Procell told detectives that “due to interest in the sheriff’s office and everything,” that he was going to allow the other officer to do the report for the shooting. He also said “that he was not going to do anything anyway,” the arrest warrant notes.

Documents say Gautreaux’s wife is seen on video captured by Procell’s body camera telling officers that Gautraux’s son got a new gun and wanted to shoot it so they did so in the backyard of their home. The video also revealed that once Procell learned the identity of the shooters, he told them that “he was not going to say anything” and told Gautreaux that the charge for illegal discharge of a firearm was “BS,” according to the arrest warrant.

Gautreaux’s attorney, Chris Alexander, spoke to WBRZ’s Mark Armstrong about the arrest warrant. Alexander said that he asked Baker Police Chief Dunn if Procell could surrender himself into custody on Friday, however he refused.

“He refused, and gave me absolutely no reason why.   I have been doing this for 16 years, and I have never had that request refused by any law enforcement agency,” Alexander said.

Alexander stated that refusing for Procell to surrender suggested that the matter was “personal.”

“They are trying to destroy a man’s career.  It is shameful,” Alexander said. “The only crime here is the recklessness with which Chief Dunn is toying with an honorable man’s reputation,” he said.

Additionally, Alexander said that he believes the district attorney will “see through this nonsense.”



Former Baker police officer arrested for obtaining fraudulent prescriptions

April 11, 2017 1:17 PM, Source: WBRZ, By: Jeremy Krail
Photo: EBRSO

BAKER – A former Baker police officer was arrested Tuesday after deputies say he illegally obtained prescriptions for controlled substances from multiple doctors.

According to arrest records, two officers contacted a pharmacy on Plank Road in Dec. 2016 in reference to a customer who was allegedly obtaining controlled dangerous substances with fraudulent subscriptions. During the investigation, the officers were approached by 30-year-old Ryan Lowe, who identified himself as a Baker police officer.

After asking to speak to the officers in private, Lowe explained that he was a neighbor of the man under investigation for fraudulently obtaining the drugs. Lowe also admitted that he had previously given Tylenol 3, a prescription painkiller, to his neighbor.

The officers informed Lowe that giving the medication to his neighbor was illegal. Investigators then applied for a search warrant for Lowe’s prescription monitoring program report.

Investigators say Lowe had simultaneously received prescriptions from two separate doctors. His report also indicated that Lowe had not been prescribed the aforementioned Tylenol 3 in the past year.

From June 2016 to Nov. 2016, Lowe had received 690 dosage units of Adderall, 720 dosage units of Hydrocodone, 240 dosage units Oxycodone, and 30 dosage units of Vyvanse from the two doctors.

In March, the officers contacted the two doctors and both said they were not aware that Lowe was receiving prescriptions from multiple sources. An arrest warrant was then issued for Lowe.

According to the Baker Police Chief, Lowe had resigned from his position in the Baker Police Department earlier in 2017.

Lowe was arrested and charged with 16 counts of “doctor shopping.”