Required Documents

In addition to the documents indicated in the primary BRLDF application, grant seekers will need to submit the following material:

  1. Your written summary of your arrest – events leading up to, surrounding and any relevant details.
  2. A copy of the official charges summary sheet.
  3. A copy of the physical evidence report.
  4. A copy of the arresting officers deposition. These previous three will be furnished to you by the authorities.

This fund has been established to assist the indigent defend themselves from overzealous criminal prosecution vastly disproportionate to their actual offense. As such, there are strict income eligibility guidelines, and you must demonstrate genuine need. The following documents must accompany any grant application:

  1. Federal income tax return for the previous year. Commonly know as the “1040”.
  2. Three months worth of pay stubs.

This list should not be construed as being complete, and any supplemental material may be requested as deemed necessary. However, any grant application that does not include all of the documents indicated here, as well as on the primary application is classified as incomplete and will not be reviewed.


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