Donor Levels

Contributing Member

We do not recommend a specific dollar amount – any donation from $5 to $5,000 makes you a contributing listener and a valued member of our community! We ask that you contribute an amount that fits your budget. When you make a contribution of $60 or more, you can choose from a number of thank you gifts (you’ll find a list of options on our secure pledge page) and we’ll send you a Community Connection Card. All contributions are greatly appreciated and support the mission.

Sustaining Partner

Sustaining Partners make an an ongoing monthly contribution to Black Rock Legal Defense Fund that is paid by an automatic transfer of funds directly from your bank account or credit card each month. Here are just a few advantages to becoming a Sustaining Partner:

  • Your membership is always active— you will no longer receive renewal notices, and you won’t have to remember the last time you sent in a check!
  • You’ll receive an annual thank you gift on the anniversary of your pledge
  • Automatic payments are convenient and cost-effective, since you’ll never have to write a check or find a stamp.
  • Sustaining memberships are easy to manage.
  • By making a continuous monthly contribution, giving to Black Rock Legal Defense Fund is easier on your budget, and it gives Black Rock Legal Defense Fundthe security of a steady, reliable stream of income on which we may depend on every month
  • It helps us decrease the time we fundraise.
  • Automatic contributions, save Black Rock Legal Defense Fund administrative and printing costs, allowing more resources to go directly toward the mission you support.

Signal Society

When you contribute to Black Rock Legal Defense Fund with a gift of $750 or more, you become a member of our Signal  Society.   We appreciate your generous support at these giving levels and we want to acknowledge your commitment to BRLDF’s unique mission in a special way. Upon receipt of your pledge or first payment, you’ll be asked to select your benefits. For questions about your membership, please call  (775) 241-8305.


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