Do more!

Nobody likes to talk about money, let alone ask for it, but Black Rock Legal Defense Fund needs it. At the same time, it’s understood that many would like to do more than just write a check. And that’s fantastic, because we can use all the help we can get.

Write for Black Rock Legal Defense Fund!

Are you passionate about civil rights matters? Are you righteously outraged by police brutality and/or abuse of authority? How would like like to empower your voice with an international forum? Write for the BRLDF blog.

Send a writing sample to, and we’ll get you started right away.

Internet marketing expert.

Do you know how this internet machine works? What it takes to draw traffic and increase exposure? Definitely get in touch. The mission of BRLDF is one everyone can relate to, and support. But the word has to get out so folks know it’s here.

Grant Writer

We’ve all heard about these development grant things, but who actually knows how to get them? If you do, get in touch. There might be something floating around that could give this organization a real boost.


Don’t see something that applies directly to your skills and experience? Don’t worry about it. If you would like to contribute in a non-financial capacity, there’s a spot for you here. Just think about what you’re good at, and how that can benefit BRLDF and get in touch. Let’s make it happen.


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