Apply for a Grant

Legal Defense Fund

The Black Rock Legal Defense Fund is a unique account that can be tapped for providing individual citizens with legal or direct financial assistance. Application to the fund is approved by either a small committee or the national board, depending on the level of assistance sought. The committee works throughout the year raising funds for LDF.

Purpose of the Fund

The Black Rock Legal Defense Fund collects and distributes contributions for aiding citizens in defending the freedom from excessive bail, fines, punishment, unreasonable searches or seizures as guaranteed by the Eighth and Fourth Amendments of the United States Constitution.

The primary role of the Legal Defense Fund is to support the defense of disadvantaged individuals facing egregiously exaggerated criminal prosecution, which can be the most expensive way to defend the Eighth and Fourth Amendments. The fund can also be a source of support for coalitions and newsletters, as well as for legislative lobbying activities aimed at protecting individuals & their civil rights from overbearing intrusion by government authority.

All requests for money from the Legal Defense Fund will be weighed with special consideration for activities that will effect the most far-reaching and positive outcomes.

How to Request an LDF Grant

Download and complete a LDF application (PDF), stating specifically the purpose for which you are seeking assistance. Be sure to apply any documentation you have to support your request.

If your request is an emergency, call national headquarters at (775) 241-8305 or call the chairs of either of the Legal Defense Fund or the public policy committees. Be prepared to fax some documentation.

Note: A six-person review committee can make decisions on financial requests of up to $5,000 at any time during the year. The board of directors must review any requests for more than $5,000. The group meets each year in August.

Submit the completed application along will all requested documents to:


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