About Black Rock Legal Defense Fund

Black Rock Legal Defense Fund was established in 2012 to counter-balance overbearing law enforcement practices inconsistent with the letter & spirit of the law, and offensive to upright standards of decency and justice with particular emphasis on the fourth and eighth amendments.

Not just another Civil Rights group

While advocacy and lobbying fall within the scope of BRLDF’s mission, this organization aims to affect change in the most direct, proactive, and value driven manner possible – by hiring attorneys to defend the disadvantaged from criminal prosecution incommensurate with their actual violations. Because competent representation can make the difference between a minor inconvenience, and a life altering event of profound significance.

How to Qualify

There are very specific prerequisite criteria for qualification. The Defense Fund will apply its resources to assist those who have been arrested and charged with crimes of disproportionate severity relative to their insignificant, victimless true violations. If what you’ve been charged with had a detrimental affect on someone else, you don’t qualify.* Same goes for career criminals, and repeat offenders. Anti-social behavior and stupidity will not be subsidized. If you fall into the latter categories, chances are you know better.


BRLDF will only get involved if a truly outrageous injustice has transpired. Some examples might be:

  • You are subject to a police search while traveling with a large amount of legal currency, which is then confiscated.
  • All occupants of your vehicle are arrested and charged with multiple serious crimes when a petty amount of contraband is found.
  • While acting within your rights of assembly, speech and protest, law enforcement officer(s) have caused you significant, quantifiable damages.**



* In extreme circumstances accompanied by clear & compelling evidence of innocence and/or enterprise corruption, exceptions may be made. On a case by case basis.

** Yelling & hurting your feelings does not qualify. Unlawful & excessive exercise of force which would reasonably be considered brutality does. Minor non-criminal violation tickets do not qualify. Arrest for non-compliance with an unlawful order, accompanied by grossly inflated criminal charges does.


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