3 Miami police officers face drug charges in FBI sting

Authorities say the three officers received thousands of dollars to protect shipments of illegal drugs

Oct 24, 2018,  Associated Press

MIAMI — Three Miami police officers are facing federal drug trafficking charges after they were snared in an FBI undercover operation.Authorities say the three received thousands of dollars in payments to protect purported shipments of illegal drugs and drug proceeds. The FBI says the officers at times transported purported cocaine and other drugs themselves.


Investigators identified the officers as Schonton Harris, Kelvin Harris and James Archibald. The two Harrises are not related. Court records did not immediately list attorneys to represent the officers.

The FBI says the people the officers thought were drug dealers were actually undercover agents or cooperating witnesses. In one instance, investigators say Schonton Harris was paid $1,500 for providing an undercover FBI agent a Miami police uniform and badge that would be used by a hit man.


Oct 24, 2018,  Associated Press, “3 Miami police officers face drug charges in FBI sting”, https://www.policeone.com/drug-interdiction-narcotics/articles/481834006-3-Miami-police-officers-face-drug-charges-in-FBI-sting/


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