Secret Files Reveal NYPD’s Tolerance for Police Misconduct

Over the past several years, high-profile incidents involving police officers have put a renewed emphasis on the need for transparency in law enforcement. But the NYPD doesn’t agree. New York is one of three states with laws on the books to keep police misconduct secret from the public. And the nation’s largest police department has used a broad interpretation of state law to keep its records shrouded in secrecy.

But a new report by BuzzFeed News looks at some of these classified records. The resulting portrait is that of a police department with no rules in regards to how it handles cases of police misconduct. Hundreds of officers who have been charged of committing fireable offenses, like assault, lying, and sexual harassment, have instead been placed on “dismissal probation” — a toothless penalty that leaves offending officers collecting their full salary while continuing to patrol the streets.

Kendall Taggart is an investigative reporter with BuzzFeed News, and she joins the program to talk about the piece she co-wrote with Mike Hayes: “Secret NYPD Files: Officers Can Lie And Brutally Beat People – And Still Keep Their Jobs.”

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“Secret Files Reveal NYPD’s Tolerance for Police Misconduct”, From and


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