Video surfaces of Milton-Freewater police misconduct case

MILTON-FREEWATER, Ore. – Video surveillance has surfaced regarding a Milton-Freewater police misconduct case we first told you about last year.

Action News received video surveillance of the incident where authorities said a Milton-Freewater cop injured a defenseless man wearing handcuffs sending him to the hospital with serious injuries.

A concerned citizen shared the surveillance video with Action News showing the former Milton-Freewater police officer assaulting a suspect in cuffs. We want to warn our viewers that some might find this video graphic.

Oregon State Police revealed Officer Brian Scott arrested 46-year-old Jeffery Allen Fields for theft and took him to the Milton-Freewater police station for processing.

In the video you can see Officer Scott leading the suspect into the Milton-Freewater police department.

While walking the handcuffed arrestee inside the building, the video shows Scott pushing him in the back, causing him to hit his head into a concrete wall, according to detectives.

The video continues for 10 minutes, showing the arrestee bleeding from the head and Officer Scott returns with paper towels to hold against Fields’ wounds. Paramedics rushed Fields to the hospital for scalp and vertebrae injuries.

This surveillance video comes out a year after Scott first appeared in court, when police arrested him for second-degree assault and official misconduct.

Action News spoke to the Umatilla District Attorney Dan Primus Thursday. Though he didn’t have time to talk about the specifics of this case until Friday, he did say that Scott pleaded guilty several months ago, in a settlement conference in court.

Action News reached out to the Milton-Freewater Police Chief Doug Boedigheimer regarding the video. He declined to comment as he said it was a painful time for the police department.

We also reached out to the victim in this case, but did not hear back yet. We’ll follow the story if there are any new developments.



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