Editorial: At last, the path to a consent decree on Chicago policing

Mayor Rahm Emanuel appears at a Thompson Center news conference with Attorney General Lisa Madigan Aug. 29, 2017, to talk about why he is now going to try to reach agreement with Madigan on court-enforced police department consent decree. (John Byrne / Chicago Tribune)

Editorial Board

“Chicago’s problems with police brutality and misconduct have run so deep that reforms will never take hold until a federal judge intervenes to play the role of enforcer. This is the “consent decree” approach to oversight that aggrieved residents want. We want it, too. Mayor Rahm Emanuel? He’s run hot and cold on the idea.

On Tuesday, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan went to U.S. District Court to pursue that approach, suing the city over the Chicago Police Department’s pattern of abuse that disproportionately targets African-Americans and Latinos. The lawsuit seeks a judge’s order to require the city to put the right policies in place to fix CPD and appoint an independent monitor who would oversee the process and prevent foot-dragging.”http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/editorials/ct-edit-police-madigan-emanuel-00830-20170829-story.html


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