Cop suspended for harassing college student

BRIDGEPORT – A veteran city police officer was suspended without pay for harassing a female college student.

Rafael Duran, a 24-year veteran of the department who in recent months has been a fixture at the Police Department’s front desk, was handed down a 10-day suspension following an investigation by the city’s Office of Internal Affairs.

“This is a great job, protecting and helping people but some people just don’t appreciate it,” said Police Chief Armando Perez. “What he (Duran) did was clearly wrong.”

Perez said Duran was accused of harassing a female student at Housatonic Community College. Police sources said that harassment included running the young women’s license plate to get her home address.

“The student made a complaint to the school and the school contacted OIA,” the chief said. He said Duran subsequently admitted his conduct.

No criminal charges were made.

Perez said the complaint was made during the prior administration.

“I just regret that it took two years, much too long for this to be resolved,” Perez said.


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