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Tuesday, May 30th 2017, 4:08 pm EDTTuesday, May 30th 2017, 8:13 pm EDT

SMITH COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) –

Two Smith County Deputies have been fired after allegedly having inappropriate relationships with female inmates.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations and the Smith County Sheriff’s Department is investigating allegations of two deputies have inappropriate relations with female inmates.

Smith County Sheriff Charlie Crumpton received a call from the FBI on Thursday, May 18 and a meeting was set-up with them on May 19 to discuss the misconduct of the two deputies.

Copies of all surveillance tapes and all records of inmates and the two deputies were provided to the FBI by Sheriff Crumpton and his staff.

On Friday, May 19, after hearing of the allegations on Deputy Charles Johnson and Deputy Wayne Thompson, Sheriff Crumpton placed them on administrative leave pending further investigation.

After nearly a week of further investigations by the FBI and the Sheriff’s Department, the two deputies were terminated by Sheriff Crumpton.

Since it’s an ongoing criminal investigation by the FBI and an internal employee investigation ongoing by the Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Crumpton states that this is all the information he can provide at this time.

Sheriff Crumpton went on to say that it is not only his job to enforce the law, but also to protect those in his custody that have gone afoul of the law.

Sheriff Crumpton stated that this comes at a bad time for such a small department to lose two men over these allegations, while at the same time of the upcoming retirement of long time Undersheriff Marty Patterson, who put in for his retirement two months ago to be effective at the end of June, after a total of 19 years with Smith County, and nearly 20 more years with Simpson County Sheriff’s Department and the State Tax Commission.

Sheriff Crumpton stated that Undersheriff Patterson will return to work part-time after 90 days into retirement which is allowed under the State Retirement System.


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