Salem police officer suspended for 18 months

Gave false report of injury

  • By Dustin Luca Staff Writer
  • May 26, 2017

SALEM — A 17-year veteran of the police department was suspended for 18 months this week after falsely reporting an injury in early May, according to police Chief Mary Butler.

Patrolman Ryan Davis was suspended without pay following a disciplinary hearing on Tuesday, May 23. He had been placed on paid administrative leave on May 2, the day after the incident took place.

Just before 11 p.m. on May 1, Davis entered the station with an injury and reported that he’d received the injury at the police station, according to Butler. His claim would have left the city responsible for the injury.

But within an hour, authorities had reason to believe otherwise, Butler explained.

The injury, which Butler did not identify, was connected to a domestic incident elsewhere in the city at somebody else’s house, according to Butler. He had been injured before he went to the police station, Butler said. She declined to provide further details on what took place.

There are no recorded domestic incidents in the department’s public police log for the night of May 1, though domestics typically do not appear in the public log to protect victims’ privacy.

Butler said police investigators later went to Davis with what they knew and gave him a chance to explain what happened. Davis stuck to his story, the chief said.

“When given the opportunity to change a statement when evidence was brought to his attention, and he still didn’t do that, something needed to be done at that point,” Butler said. “He was suspended based on being less-than-forthcoming on a matter that wasn’t related to his job, but that he brought into the police department.”

The suspension was firmed up in a disciplinary agreement between the police department and Davis, who was represented by attorney Peter Marano, according to Butler.

Marano didn’t immediately return a call requesting comment Friday afternoon. Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll declined to comment, adding that she wasn’t involved in the matter.

Butler emphasized that the incident had nothing to do with Davis’ on-the-job performance.

“The issue didn’t emanate based on his job, something he did or didn’t do on his job,” Butler said. “It was a poor personal situation that got dragged into the police department.”


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