Roy Police Department Attorneys to file lawsuit in officer-involved shooting death of Layton man

By Mike Anderson  |  Posted Apr 14th, 2017 @ 8:37pm

ROY — Attorneys for the family of 38-year-old Nicolas Sanchez say they intend to file a complaint in federal court against the Roy Police Department. They believe two officers wrongfully fired at him during a confrontation on Feb. 21st.

“There was no immediate threat or imminent threat of any kind,” Los Angeles Civil Rights Attorney Humberto Guizar said.

Officers were called to a Texaco gas station at 4395 S. 1900 West in Roy, after a trespassing complaint was called into police dispatch from a convenience store employee. In police bodycam videos previously released to media, Sanchez can be seen lifting his hoodie up as he explained to officers, “I don’t have anything.”

At that time, officers spotted a pistol in Sanchez’s waistband. One of the officers tackled Sanchez in a brief chase, as the other officer fired, claiming Sanchez was reaching for the handgun. Additional rounds were fired from the officer who tackled Sanchez after he grabbed Sanchez’s pistol. An attorney hired by Roy City said he fired, fearing that gunshots he heard were coming from another gun Sanchez might have had.

“He never would have pulled that gun on them,” close friend Annette Olsen said.

Olsen took Sanchez in, giving him a job and a place to stay with her Layton family eight years ago. While she won’t benefit from the lawsuit, she said she supports it.

“He was also interested in living a type of life that I had and my kids had growing up,” Olsen added.

Olsen said Sanchez grew up with out a father in California and got into gangs. Though he was a convicted felon, she said Sanchez was making positive changes in his life. While she said she did not know that Sanchez had a gun, she didn’t believe he was dangerous. During an interview with KSL, Olsen at times referred to Sanchez as her “son.”

“His stories would just hit my heart,” Olsen said. “I just felt really connected to him, and I just felt like he deserved something better.”

Attorneys plan to file a complaint in federal court within the next sixty days on behalf of Sanchez’s two daughters in California.

“It will be our contention in this case that the amount of deadly force used, which was taking the gun away from this man and shooting him with his own gun, was an extreme amount of deadly force,” Guizar said.


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