Details emerge in complaint against Loveland police officer

Timothy Jarrett, 30, was on the ground and in handcuffs when he was shot with electric stun gun

By Sam LounsberryReporter-Herald Staff Writer

Posted:   03/29/2017 09:23:43 PM MDT

Loveland Police Sgt. Justin Chase speaks during a press conference in this Sept. 2015 file photo. Chase is facing misdemeanor charges of third-degree

Loveland Police Sgt. Justin Chase speaks during a press conference in this Sept. 2015 file photo. Chase is facing misdemeanor charges of third-degree assault and harassment after the arrest of an individual and investigation by the Larimer County District Attorney’s Office. (Jenny Sparks / Loveland Reporter-Herald)

A Nov. 5 Loveland Police Department arrest in which a man in handcuffs was shot with an electric stun gun is now under increased scrutiny following a grand jury indictment of Sgt. Justin Chase, court documents show.

An arrest affidavit for 30-year-old Timothy Jarrett indicates Jarrett was under the influence of alcohol when he acted violently during contact with Loveland police officers Nov. 5, and was subsequently shot with an electric stun gun while handcuffed.

The affidavit reports police approached Jarrett at his home in the 1500 block of East Fourth Street on suspicion of violating a protection order.

Timothy Jarrett, 30

Timothy Jarrett, 30

When Jarrett admitted to LPD officer Matt Sychla that earlier he had sat next to 31-year-old Christina Garlow outside the Sports Station bar in downtown Loveland, Sychla advised Jarrett he was under arrest for violating a court order between him and Garlow that mandates the two have contact in public only with a third party present.

Jarrett then became resistant, and officers forced Jarrett into handcuffs, the affidavit says.

But while being escorted out of his yard, Jarrett shoved Sgt. Chase into a tree, then pushed backward against Sychla.

Officers took Jarrett to the ground and attempted to place him in a leg restraint, at which point Jarrett kicked Chase in the chest.

Jarrett was then shot with an electric stun gun, though the affidavit does not specify which officer fired the device.

After officers carried Jarrett to a patrol car and were trying to secure him inside the vehicle, he reportedly kicked Sychla in the genitals, nearly causing him to fall to the ground, the affidavit says.

Jarrett was originally arrested on suspicion of felony assault of a peace officer and misdemeanor counts of obstruction of a peace officer, resisting arrest, violation of bail bond conditions, and violation of a protection order.

All charges except the violation of a protection order were dismissed in court, though, after Jarrett pled guilty to the single count Feb. 28, court documents show.

The District Attorney’s Office investigated the incident after it was contacted by LPD in November regarding possible use of excessive force by Chase, and Chase was indicted by a grand jury on misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault earlier this month.

He has been placed on unpaid administrative leave, city of Loveland spokesman Tom Hacker said last week.

Chase made his first appearance in court with his attorney Reid Elkus on Friday, when Larimer County Judge Kraig Ecton scheduled a pre-trial conference on Chase’s case for May 1, at which point Chase and Elkus will discuss with the District Attorney’s Office how to move forward with the case.

A status hearing on the case will follow that discussion May 18.

Chase has worked as an officer for LPD since his Feb. 1998 hiring, and was promoted to sergeant in April 2011 when he was assigned to the patrol operations division.

If Chase is convicted of either crime, he would face fines between $50 and $5,000 plus zero to 24 months in jail for the assault charge, and fines of $50 to $750 plus zero to six months in jail for the harassment charge, a District Attorney’s Office spokesman reported.

A city of Loveland press release from March 2 said the city may launch an internal investigation after the criminal proceedings conclude, and will consider pursuing an internal personnel investigation after the proceedings, and if an internal investigation is launched, Chase could remain on unpaid leave until officials conclude the investigation and any potential related appeals.


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