Brunswick police officer arrested after alleged incident in McIntosh Co.

Mar 27, 2017

An off-duty Brunswick police officer was arrested in McIntosh County last week, allegedly for making threats, while in uniform, against a man who was making a court appearance in an assault case involving a relative of the officer, according to McIntosh County Sheriff Maj. Danny Lowe.

James Dustin Crawford, who has served as a Brunswick police officer for nearly two years, was arrested March 21 after turning himself in on charges of making terroristic threats and violation of oath, Lowe said. The arrest stems from an incident that occurred March 16 at the McIntosh County Courthouse, Lowe said.

Crawford was released from the McIntosh County Detention Center on March 24 on $10,000 bond, he said. A McIntosh County judge ordered Crawford to spend at least 72 hours in jail, Lowe said.

Brunswick Police Chief Kevin Jones placed Crawford on paid administrative leave on March 17, the day after the alleged incident. Crawford faces a disciplinary hearing today, said Brunswick Police Capt. Angela Smith. Brunswick Police officials say Crawford faces disciplinary action for violating department policies concerning abuse of official position, misconduct at a public meeting and misuse of both the uniform and his take-home police vehicle.

Crawford has been with the department since June 1, 2015.

Crawford was allegedly off duty but in uniform at the McIntosh County Courthouse for a court appearance by a man accused of assaulting a relative of the officer’s, Lowe said. He also drove there in a Brunswick Police Department patrol car, according to Brunswick police.

The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced to conditional probation.

Afterward, Crawford allegedly made verbal threats against the man that were heard by three law enforcement officers and the clerk of courts, police said.


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