Investigators watched Miami cop steal cash from undercover agent, police say

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City Miami of Miami Mayor Tomas Regaldo talks about a Miami police officers who was arrested for stealing from a driver. Charles Trainor Jr. Miami Herald
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Miami cop charged with stealing from drivers

City of Miami Deputy Chief of Police Luis Cabrera said on March 11, 2017 that a rookie cop was arrested and charged with grand theft and armed burglary. Miami police hired Jose Acosta, who last patrolled Wynwood, in May.

“This officer took advantage of his position, his badge, his oath and the public confidence,” Cabrera said. “That’s something that is not acceptable.”

Acosta has been charged with burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and third-degree grand theft. Fernandez Rundle said more charges could be forthcoming as the investigation continues.

Acosta’s arrest has befuddled police brass, who say there were no red flags on his polygraph exams, psychological evaluations or background check. Cabrera defended the department’s hiring practices Monday, and Fernandez Rundle stressed how quickly investigators worked to stop the young officer from victimizing anyone else.

“These acts of public corruption make everyone cynical about law enforcement. It tarnishes the good, hard work that is done by the overwhelming vast majority of police officers,” she said, adding: “Officer Acosta did a deplorable thing. But he was caught and he’s going to be held accountable. He was investigated by his own. That has to in many ways restore confidence and trust in the good law enforcement agents we have.”

 Former rookie Miami police officer Jose Acosta.

March 13, 2017 12:35 PM,


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