Former minister, officer accused of molesting girl 17 years ago

By Aaron Barker – Senior Web Editor , Janelle Bludau – Reporter

Posted: 11:42 AM, March 07, 2017 Updated: 5:49 PM, March 07, 2017

CONROE, Texas – They may go back almost 17 years, but recent allegations are fresh on the minds of Montgomery County Investigators.

“You don’t get a break, we can pursue you, 10, 15, 20, 30 years later,” DPS Sgt. Eric Burse said.

Those allegations led to the arrest of 45-year-old James Patrick. The arrest warrant shows that the alleged crime happened back in 2000.

The alleged victim is accusing Patrick of inappropriately touching her when she was 10 years old.

Patrick is a retired Willis police officer, a former school resource officer and a preacher.

“In my heart, I just don’t want to believe it I guess,” family friend Kimberly Ocampo said.

Ocampo says it’s hard to understand the allegations against a man she’s known all her life.

“Everybody has their own secrets, things that everybody has deep down that you never know what happens,” Ocampo said.

Patrick admitted the crime to the victim’s mother, according to court documents.

Patrick is seen preaching to congregations in several YouTube videos from James Patrick Ministries. The website for the ministry is no longer active.

According to officials, Patrick worked as an officer at the Willis Police Department from 1996-2001. He also at the Precinct 2 Montgomery County Constable’s Office during that time. From 2002-2012, Patrick worked at the Precinct 1 Montgomery County Constable’s Office and worked as a school resource officer at the Willis Independent School District.


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