Third Harrisburg police officer arrested since 2013

Third Harrisburg police officer arrested since 2013

Corporal Sean Cornick was arrested Thursday and charged with theft. The office handling the investigation says it’s a sad day when they have to investigate one of their own.

According to police, Cpl. Sean Cornick is a 19-year veteran of the Harrisburg Police Department and head of the department’s vice unit.

We spoke with Corky Goldstein, an attorney in Harrisburg, who knows Cornick personally.

Corky Goldstein said,” An excellent guy and I don’t know this is what happened here in any way shape or form and I know his family, beautiful family.”

Police Chief Thomas Carter issued a statement saying,“When we uncovered suspicious activity in the vice unit, we immediately launched an investigation.”

The United States Attorney’s office said according to the criminal complaint, Cornick stole money from an evidence locker. The complaint said he was caught on video doing so and an inventory later confirmed money was missing.

“He’s been on the force for close to 20 years,” Goldstein said.

Special agent in charge of the FBI’S Philadelphia division, Michael Harpster, said ” When an officer who took an oath to protect and serve crosses the line, as alleged here, it’s an affront to all those in law enforcement who carry out their sworn duties with integrity. ”

“I’m only hoping somehow the case is resolved in a positive way,” Goldstein said.

The attorney representing Cornick, Paul Kovatch, was contacted and he said at this point he has no comment but says this is a difficult time for the Cornick family and they’re asking for privacy.

Goldstein wants people to remember, Cornick is innocent until proven guilty.

“He’s not convicted of anything yet and please everybody I think just hold judgement until this case goes further and we find out if he is guilty of anything,” Goldstein said.

According to police, police say Cornick is on paid leave pending an investigation.


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