RGC police officer arrested, performed body search without “reasonable suspicion”

by CBS 4 News

A Rio Grande City police officer was arrested Thursday by the Starr County Attorney’s Office on an official oppression charge.


Jesus Diaz Jr. pulled over a driver who was traveling with his wife and daughter for a traffic violation in April 2016.

Diaz then conducted a search of the man’s body “without any reasonable suspicion and without actually requesting consent,” according to a criminal complaint against him. The driver revealed to Diaz that he had been previously convicted of possession of marijuana.

The officer told the driver because he “was arrested for possession, then it means that he is now in possession,” according to documents.

The incident was reported to Rio Grande City police following the search.

The Rio Grande City Police Department approached the Starr County Attorney’s Office after receiving a complaint from the man involved, according to police Chief Noe Castillo.

Diaz was terminated from the Rio Grande City Police Department on the same day of his arrest.

He was charged with official oppression and was placed behind bars at the Starr County jail.

“The Rio Grande City Police Department has always operated with the best interest of the citizens of Rio Grande City,” Castillo said in a statement. “State laws are in place to protect everyone, and no one is above those standards.”

Official oppression is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.

Diaz was released on bond the same day as his arrest.




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