JSO officer who was arrested last month, accused of having sex with prostitutes in uniform

JSO officer arrested last month accused of having sex with prostitutes while in uniform.Destiny Johnson, WTLV 7:53 PM. EDT May 02, 2016


JACKSONVILLE Fla. — A 14-year veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was arrested last month on grand theft and official misconduct charges, authorities said. The same officer is now being accused of having sex with prostitutes in uniform.

Adam Boyd, 44, was arrested last month for being paid for working security details without actually being there as a JSO officer. He received grand theft and petty theft charges after being compensated for these no-show security details by at least seven companies, authorities said.

Boyd resigned the day of a press conference about the events on April 14.

Recently, authorities were interviewing prostitutes in an unrelated human trafficking investigation and they said that they were having sexual relations with a JSO officer in exchange for money. Authorities believe this officer to be Boyd.

One woman claimed that she had been sexually battered by the officer on two different occasions. However, JSO was unable to find conclusive evidence on any of the accounts from the prostitutes.




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