Bronx man wins $1.8M from city after being beaten by cops and wrongfully prosecuted after original $4M award was overturned by judge

“A Bronx man who lost a $4 million jury verdict for malicious prosecution and civil rights violations scored a $1.8 million win Tuesday when an appellate court reinstated the verdict but cut the award.William Cardoza, 57, charged that he was maliciously prosecuted and beaten by cops in 2008 when they stopped him outside his home for having an open container of beer.The two-minute confrontation caught on videotape was sparked by the cops demanding to see identification and Cardoza being slow to respond. Pepper sprayed in the eyes, he grabbed a fence in his building’s courtyard where one officer, trying to dislodge him, whacked Cardoza’s right hand repeatedly with a baton.Cardoza’s hand required surgery to repair an open fracture and dislocation.”

A panel of appellate judges Tuesday overturned the Bronx court’s ruling, though it lowered Cardoza’s award from $4 million to $1.8 million.


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