Columbus To Pay $85,000 To Man Punched By Police Officer

Columbus To Pay $85,000 To Man Punched By Police Officer Published: 02/23/16 05:29 pm EST.
Updated: 02/23/16 05:31 pm EST.

The city of Columbus has agreed to pay a man punched by a Columbus police officer $85,000 to settle a lawsuit.

According to court documents, Jordan Helman said he was trying to stop a fight outside BBR Bar in the Arena District in February 2014.

Helman had left the bar after his friend was escorted out by bar employees.

The friend was being detained by Officer Anthony Pray and another officer when one of the two women Helman was with got into an argument with someone in the crowd and was pushed to the ground.

The attorney said that Helman went to try and calm everyone down when Pray approached from behind and punched him in the face.

City Attorney Richard C. Pfeiffer’s office confirmed that Pray could see Helman was hurt but did not request for medical help. Pray also did not inform his supervisors of the incident.

Court documents said Helman suffered fractures to his neck and facial bones. Several teeth were knocked loose by the punch as well.


02/23/16, 10 TV, “Columbus To Pay $85,000 To Man Punched By Police Officer”,


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