Cop fired for choking handcuffed man.

“On June 29, police were guarding an ICU patient who had been charged for allegedly assaulting a woman at the hospital’s Subway restaurant the day before. After doctors and police decided Joseph Cerullo should be taken to jail instead of a mental facility, an altercation occurred between Cerullo and Redmon.

Employees and a doctor in the ICU testified Monday that Cerullo had been handcuffed, but began yelling at Redmon, calling him, “a f—— pig” numerous times. They said Redmon grabbed Cerullo and pushed him up against the wall, putting one hand against the patient’s neck. More than one witness testified that Cerullo’s feet were off the floor and one said his face turned purple. Cerullo was then allegedly pushed against another wall and to the floor before a male nurse helped get the him on the bed.”

By Bill Hughes, “Police Officer Dismissed for Using Excessive Force”, West Kentucky Star, Monday Sep. 21, 2015,

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